Monday, April 16, 2012

Preparing for Baby Tobin!

Well! Elmo is due in just under 2 weeks! We'll see how 'on time' he is. He seems pretty comfortable in there, so I have a feeling he'll be either right on time or late... Of course!

In getting ready for his arrival, we came to the conclusion that moving is just out of the question for right now. So we decided to re-do the apartment. We put the bed in the living room for some extra space until we move. It's weird, but not too bad! We have a lot more space to work with. Sort of like a really big studio apartment, with a spare room, and a walk in kitchen.

I went through the rest of the baby stuff, taking note of what clothing stuff we'll be needing later on. We have enough stuff to probably get through most of the summer, depending on what we end up doing. LOTS of onesies! =D Really just need some short sets and rompers/cooler sleepers. We'll also need some warm clothes for the fall/winter. Which, if all else fails, we can trade some of our newborn stuff in (there's lots!) at either one of the MamaRev/LLL swaps or at a consignment store like Once Upon A Child. I'd prefer to trade it to moms I know, but most of the other moms have girls, or their babies will be in the same sizes as Elmo if they do have boys. Most spring babies are girls, I guess!

We did make the decision to cloth diaper while at home, and just use the disposables while we're out. I think aside from the size 1's, we'll have just the right amount for outings, so that's nice! I think the decision for Patrick came pretty easily on the cloth, as his family cloth diapered, whereas mine did not. At least, not anytime recently!

But, you know me... Once I researched everything, I realized just how much better for baby, the environment, and the pocket book cloth really is. I figure that if we save over 100 dollars per month, I am willing to have a poopy diaper bucket in the house. Grammy is paying for Diaper Service for a couple months until we get a place where we can wash them (I really doubt the landlords and other tenants would appreciate us washing diapers in the community machines!) And then we'll have to figure out our own system.

As far as pregnancy goes, I'm at the end!! So I'm overly emotional, tired, cranky, achy... Not to mention my hormones are going crazy and my skin is freaking out badly! I've totally got the "pregnancy mask" going on. I asked some of the other crunchy moms and they recommended trying coconut oil, so that's on our shopping list for this week! Cocoa Butter has been helping my arms and legs, but my face FREAKS out pretty badly when I try to use it. Yuck! I know that in a month or two it should have calmed down, but goodness!

I hope "Elmo" Tobin knows how excited his daddy and I are to meet him! Now just to relax, try to get things in order, and wait impatiently for our little bundle of awesome to arrive!

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