Thursday, April 26, 2012

Birthaversary & 7 Days Shampoo Free! (Plus a mini Baby update!)

Tuesday was my 28th birthday! It was also our second anniversary! =D I can't believe it's already been 2 years, and that we're about to be parents! AHH!

Anyway, here's a photo of how pregnant I am on my birthday! Pretty SUPER pregnant! I'm sort of amazed that the shirts I already had were long and big enough to cover my belly for the most part... And still look good!

Anyway, as I am 9 months pregnant, we didn't do anything super exciting. We also took our trip to Portland on Sunday, so that was kind of part of it :) My adoptive mom Victoria came and picked me up for lunch at the Olive Garden! Soup & Salad combo... YUM!

We then walked around some stores for a while (trying to walk out the baby! I swear it doesn't actually work!) And then hit up a new cupcake shop downtown for dessert. It's called Twinsies and it's RIGHT next to the Elsinore Theater on High St. Delicious! I think this will be a permanent stop on girls day out trips! 

I got a Samoa Cookie Cupcake (obviously the chocolate one) and Victoria got a NY Cheesecake! Both were delicious! Though, I totally wish I had tried their Cherry Pepsi cupcake! 

The ceiling at Twinsies. Cute, right?! The flower lanterns were LED and changed color. LOVE IT! 

We also ran a couple errands that mom needed to get done and we stopped by my Freddies. It was nice to see everyone, but I don't think I quite miss WORKING yet. I miss the people, though! 

After I got dropped off at home, Patrick and I went out for our "Birthaversary" (As dubbed by my friend Sarah! I loved it and kept it!). We went to the Roadhouse Grill on Lancaster. I told Pat to pick a place and surprise me, and I'd never been there! So it was a great choice! After a yummy dinner, we came home, cuddled up and watched Naruto. Nothing super exciting or outrageous this year, but that was perfectly fine! 


No Shampoo update!

As I said in previous blogs, I'm apparently just allergic to all kinds of shampoo. My scalp breaks out, I get horrible dandruff, my skin breaks out around my hairline.. It's awful! While probably partially due to pregnancy hormones, I've always had issues.

So, I decided to go as minimalist as possible and do a baking soda rinse, and condition with apple cider vinegar. Here's my hair after 1 week. It's still working out the "poo" from everything and finding it's own balance, but it FEELS better. I still have some flyaways, but I think I just need to use more of the vinegar. It takes approximately 3 weeks for your hair to find it's balance, but apparently after that it's FANTASTIC! So, here's hoping! 

To crush the smell of the vinegar, I just apply some perfume oil on my temples and the usual spots on the neck area, and it smells lovely for DAYS!

One Week Shampoo Free! My hair feels lighter and curlier already! Excuse the gigantic mess in the background, as well as my unhappy expression. Haha.


Baby Tobin Update:

So far we're not dilated (not that this actually means anything), and I haven't had Braxton-Hicks Contractions lately either. He's Due Saturday, so we'll see if he decides to make his appearance on time! I know some of you were asking if we still needed anything, and we have a wishlist on amazon going. We could -REALLY- use some diaper covers since we're cloth diapering. It doesn't really matter what kind since we don't know what works best for us yet. :) We'll also want a cool mist humidifier, and a few other things. The list is located here! :)

Thank you again to EVERYONE who has been so helpful, supportive and GIVING to us and our almost here son! I just feel like we can't thank you all enough for all the awesome gifts you've given us!!!

<3 Hopefully the next update will be the birth of Baby Tobin! Complete with pictures and a name! 

But, right now I'm off to meet up with Tauna for Jamba Juice, and Bryttni is swinging by to give me her leftover Evening Primrose Oil before she heads out of town! It should be a fun day! 

Love you guys! 

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