Monday, April 23, 2012

Mini Babymoon - A Weekend Getaway!

39 Weeks Pregnant! With the "Mask of Pregnancy" and in the middle of a baking soda shampoo cleanse... I look fabulous! =D

It's been said that a "babymoon" is good for couples just before you have your baby, especially with the first! So, we'd been trying to get over to the coast for a weekend, something quiet just for the two of us. Well, as usual, timing AND money didn't happen at the same time. It happens. We'll have money saved up for something and the car will have an issue to be fixed, we'll need to suddenly pay something unexpectedly, etc. Eh, whatever. :) 

So we decided Portland was easier, closer, and had a few more things to do besides just wandering the beach and getting all sandy. Though, I would have LOVED some clam chowder from the Sea Hag. But, we've got a wedding to attend this summer on the coast, I'm sure I'll get my chance! 

We started off by going to Portland's famous Saturday Market. Eh. It wasn't as fun as I remember it. It was PACKED because the weather was really nice this weekend, and twice as big as I remember it being. There wasn't a whole lot of variation anymore, either. We had wanted to find some nice wall art, either for our living/bedroom or something we can put in a nursery when we move. They had a lot of fantastic artists with beautiful prints and paintings, but just far more than we had wanted to spend. But, I'm just not spending $150-200 on wall art for a newborn... He doesn't care what's on his walls! 

Being that we both LOVE different kinds of food, we tried a couple of different small things around the market. Patrick got some Northern African food dish, and I went with a Lamb Gyro. Both were alright, but not as good as we hoped. We did find the BEST elephant ears and strawberry lemonade though, down in the shops near the nicer area of the market on the water front. It was FRESH! 

After we decided we were just finished with Downtown (we actually didn't hit up Powell's and spend a bunch of money! Yay!) We hit up Salvador Molly's-- A place featured on Man Vs. Food! Adam Richmond hit up Portland in his first season of the show and the food challenge was their Habanero Fritters-- Aptly named "Great Balls of Fire!" If you eat all 5 with ALL of the sauce, you get your picture put up on the wall! What's in the Great Balls of Fire?  Here's the video. 

This part is what Patrick was most excited about! So, here are some photos from our trip here! 

These are the "Cheesy Poofs". Cheese, Chipotle, and Potato with Crema and Mango Salsa on the side. This was enough spicy for the pregnant lady right here!

Kahlua Mojo Pork- A funky twist on the traditional Hawaiian dish, with dirty garlic mashed potatoes, mango slaw, tamarind BBQ sauce, and garlic vinaigrette on the salad. It was pretty tasty, but we ended up with some leftovers... We shared this and the app because of the other things we tried at Saturday Market. No need to spend another $10 or more on another entree.  But the leftovers were also...

Because of This! 

Great BALL of Fire! Patrick didn't want his co-workers to kill him (He works in a small office fixing computers all day), so he decided just to try ONE, and then perhaps come back another time for the challenge...

Pre-Ball Of Fire!
Patrick trying out one of the Great Balls of Fire!

Post "Ball of Fire"! 

In his defense, we haven't had a whole lot of spicy food since I've been pregnant. Normally we're ALL over that. But considering water gives me heartburn sometimes, we try to play it safe. He's even had the infamous ghost pepper before. I'm sure we'll work his tolerance back up and go back another time!

We then drove around SW Portland for a while,  just sort of checking out all the neat stuff that is Portland. There is always something interesting to see/find/do. Then we decided to head over to Uwajimaya's -- An Asian supermarket in Beaverton. It's pretty much AMAZING if you've never been. When I lived in the Portland Metro area- I went ALL the time!

They have pretty much anything you could ever want that's Asian themed. I love asian foods because they are DELICIOUS and if you have family members with allergies, you can probably feed them something from here without worrying about them dying or needing to call 911. American food just has too much crap in it!

They have a deli, and an amazing FRESH and LIVE fish market. We took a few photos. 
Fresh Crab! The guy on the top left was dancing around, the little kid in the reflection was giggling at him. :)

Live Tilapia. They're freaking delicious! 

These lobsters were HUGE. Like, probably as big as Elmo is right now!
Sashimi makings! I just thought the Octopus was kinda fun. Though, I don't like the texture of octopus, myself. It's kinda chewy. 

They even carry the infamous DURIAN fruit. I've seen people try to eat it on TV and fail miserably. I'd never seen or SMELLED a whole one until here! It smells like sweaty feet and fermented onions... I can only imagine how horrid that tastes!

Uwajimaya's also carries a buttload of other things. My favorite section growing up was of COURSE their Hello Kitty Section! This is actually smaller than I remember, but who KNEW that much Hello Kitty existed? They also carry lots of kitchen/housewares/etc and have an entire Asian book store that is really neat. You can even pick up art supplies! I HIGHLY recommend going here at least once if you've never been. Especially if you actually live close! 

I know this doesn't seem SUPER exciting, but on a budget, and being 9 months pregnant and having to waddle everywhere, this was pretty much perfect! At the end of the day, my poor feet were swollen to sausages, and are still a teensy bit swollen today. As I was taking most of the pictures, and I'm pregnant, that's why there were't many photos of me, I apologize. I'm sure there will be a TON of them going up in the next week or two when Elmo arrives!

We have only 5 days until Elmo's due date! My birthday is tomorrow, and we've got a TON of things planned already for the summer! Weddings, Family Reunions! I am SO excited! 

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend and actually ENJOYED the awesome weather we had! 


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